Now is the perfect time for you to serve alongside us in Haiti. Your passion and servant's heart will help us encourage the community of Camp Marie with the hope of Christ. However, be warned that you may grow much more from the experience than you might expect. Joining the work God is already doing in and through the Haitian people is life transforming. He alone is their Savior, but by His grace He is inviting you to be His hands and feet for the Haitian people.


Join us on a Project Living Hope Mission Experience to Empower Haitians to Build a Stronger Haiti. We understand that this journey requires a sacrifice of your time, funds, convenience, and heart. You can be assured that we value your gift, and that we desire your experience to be safe and fruitful.


We organize trips for sports training, job skills and English instruction, construction, and much more. We also conduct Vision Casting Trips which are a great chance to experience the Haitian culture, see what PLH is doing in Camp Marie, and develop relationships with the people of Haiti. We would love to have you join us!



JANUARY 2020 - Soccer coaches training

FEBRUARY 2020 - Community development: Parenting workshop, kids camp, relationship building

SPRING 2020 - Construction, cement work

MAY 2020 - Women’s Basketball coaches training and skills camp

JUNE 2020 - Basketball coaches training and skills camp

AUGUST 2020 - Women's soccer

SEPTEMBER 2020 - Sports camp for kids

OCTOBER 2020 - Servant leadership in athletics

NOVEMBER 2020 - Community development: Parenting workshop, kids camp, fun run, relationship building

JANUARY 2021 - Soccer

MARCH 2021 - Basketball

*If you have other skills to offer that don't match the above trips, please don't hesitate to share your ideas with us. 


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