"Every Donation Changes Lives"

What does it mean to join the community?

By joining the community you're helping to... When you partner with us...

campaign Impact

Project Living Hope is currently transforming the lives of 100 Camp Marie community members. Through this campaign, our reach will extend to over 500 in the next two years.

  • Athletics to develop self-confidence and social skills
  • Educational opportunities to provide key life skills and training
  • Empowering Haitians with jobs that ....
  • .....

the most effective strategy for helping the poor

"Pouring in outside resources is not sustainable and only exacerbates the feelings of helplessness and inferiority that limits low-income people from being better stewards of the God-given talents and resources."

So what are the best ways to help the poor?

"Instead of looking outside the low-income individual or community for resources and solutions... start by asking the materially poor how they can be stewards of their own gifts and resources, seeking to restore individuals and communities to being what God has created them to be from the very start of the relationship... the very nature of the question - What gifts do you have?- affirms people's dignity and contributes to the process of overcoming their poverty of being."

Quotes from When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

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