We've seen the need firsthand. We have a shared passion.

The founder and president of Project Living Hope, Guesly Dessieux, was born in northern Haiti and immigrated with his family to the United States as a young boy. Nineteen years later, following his graduation from medical school, he returned to Haiti for the first time as part of a medical mission team. Since that time Guesly has taken at least a dozen trips back to Haiti. Guesly's wife Sara was already serving in Haiti before the two of them even met. Both of them are passionate about doing whatever they can to help improve the lives of people in Haiti and share Christ's love for them in the process.


Over the last six years Guesly has led a number of teams to Haiti mainly to do medical work and while Guesly knows that they help people during these trips, he began wanting to do something more to help the entire community start to lift themselves out of their despair and poverty and to find true hope in Christ. Guesly has been passionate about soccer since he was a child so the game of soccer, which is loved by the Haitian people, seemed a natural avenue for him. He began dreaming up a soccer facility but it did not remain only a soccer facility in his mind for very long at all. The dream kept growing and with it, the team of volunteers and supporters has as well.


Project Living Hope is a team of friends and family members who share a passion for Jesus and for the people of Haiti. We want to do something to help alleviate the poverty we see in Haiti and we want to empower the people to help themselves get out of the cycle they are in. We understand that material poverty is not the only thing they are facing and we also understand that in some ways they are richer than we in the U.S. are. So we strive to understand them, their situation and their needs while also relying on the only one who can truly rescue us all, our Lord Jesus Christ.