Phase ONE

We are eagerly anticipating breaking ground for the King Center later this year.


The King Center will be a place for learning, serving, and building relationships as a community. Phase one will create spaces to meet the immediate needs of Project Living Hope and the community of Camp Marie. We look forward to having our own campus to host our programs and events and to which we can welcome the community.




The shop will host our job skills courses and be a workshop during the construction process where we can train locals in construction and produce the trusses and other elements of the buildings.

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Guest House

The guest house will host our visiting teams and other guests. It will include several bunk rooms and private rooms as well as a kitchen, a common room, and a open air porch.

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Community Hall and Educational Center

The community hall is a large hall that will be ideal for community meetings, events, conferences, and, when needed, shelter during hurricanes and storms

The educational center will include several classroom for our English program and other job skills courses. It will also include a large kitchen where we will conduct culinary courses.

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Soccer Field and Basketball Court

Camp Marie currently has only one soccer field which is unlevel, has little grass, and is difficult to play on. We look forward to having one or two level, grass fields and we are excited to see the community gather around it to cheer on their local youth.

Basketball courts are few and far between in Haiti, though basketball is popular among the youth. This court will host many practices, games, clinics, and pickup games.

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We are partnering with MSAADA Architects - a non-profit, international architectural firm with a branch in Haiti. They are working on the overall design for the campus and the plans and infrastructure for all the buildings. The estimated overall cost of Phase 1 is approximately $1.5 million.  It is our objective that we would be able to break ground this year and start construction of the community hall, education center, guesthouse, and shop. With all of our prayers and with God's will, this is easily achievable.  As God continues to lead us into the future, we have become even more certain of His mission for us here in Haiti. 

Would like to give a one-time or monthly gift designated to the building fund?