We believe Haitians stand ready to thrive. 
Empowered, they can create their own future  
and build a healthier, safer, more secure nation, 
fueled by their own passion, hope, and pride.

We believe Haitians stand ready to build a stronger country based on their own enduring strengths of

We believe Haitians stand ready to address poverty at its root cause
without dependency on foreign aid.
And the power of engaged Haitians
will reinforce Haitian self-worth and capacity…
transforming lives.

We believe in the hope of Haiti and its people.

Project living hope
Join us

Project Living Hope Exists to Empower Haitians to Build a Stronger Haiti

We are striving toward our goal of empowering Haitians by building The King Center, our vision for a multipurpose complex that meets many distinct needs in Haiti, including providing education, mentorship, and support through sports and  job skill training, equipping for disaster preparedness, and becoming a centerpiece for the community.

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Training young athletes to overcome lack of self worth that results from poverty through purposeful mentorship and leadership development.

Job Skill Training

Teaching Haitians job skills needed to be freed from the strain of poverty, and the cycle of dependency.


Disaster Preparedness

Provide specialized training for Haitians to serve one another safely in times of disaster.

Community development

Promote community development by providing a space (the King Center) for conferences, seminars, revivals, sporting events and disaster relief.