About the Project

The King Center will be Project Living Hope’s campus and hub. It is designed as a multi-purpose campus with a educational center, community hall, shop, guesthouse, and sports complex. These buildings will facilitate our ongoing job skills and athletics programs and will also help us to expand our mission of working in disaster preparedness and community development.

Haiti, Ministry, Mission, Guest House, Community Center, Construction, Job Skills, Athletics, Soccer, Basketball.


Located just 900 yards from the center of Camp Marie, the King Center will be an extension of the community.  At Project Living Hope, it is our desire to be a part of the existing community, not set apart or creating our own community. The King Center will be a place where every member of the community is valued and has something to offer. We want everyone to feel they are welcome to share their ideas, ask for help, and learn from one another.


The Property

Haiti, Camp Marie, Farming, Community, Mission, Ministry, Construction, Land, Property.

In the fall of 2017, Project Living Hope purchased 19.5 acres of property for the construction of the King Center.

The property is located just a half-mile from Nationale Route 1, the only main road between the northern city of Cap-Haitian and the capital, Port-au-prince. The location is ideally situated. The ease of access it has to many major cities will, in the unfortunate event of a disaster, mean we are in the best place to make the greatest difference.

Haiti, Ministry, Mission, Property, Camp Marie, Construction, Community.

The property is only about 900 yards northwest of the center of Camp Marie, a small town 48 miles northwest of Port-au-Prince, six miles southwest of Saint-Marc, and about five miles behind large hills from the ocean.


Our property is cradled in a low lying area with hills protecting it on three sides. It is relatively flat and there aren’t any streams nearby to cause flooding concerns.


The King Center

Phase One

Phase one of the King Center will be a place for learning, serving, and building relationships as a community. We are eagerly anticipating breaking ground later this year!

Haiti, Phase One, Construction, Community Center, Job Skills, Guest House, Soccer Field, Basketball Court, Farming, Mission, Ministry.

Phase Two

Phase two of the King Center will be a large sports complex that will host so much more than sports.

Haiti, Phase Two, Athletics, Soccer Field, Soccer Pitch, Community Events, School, Job Skills, Construction, Ministry, Mission.