Lives of young people can be drastically changed for the good when they become involved in an excellent, Christ-centered sports program.


As they are trained, mentored, and challenged, they gain strength, confidence, determination, and purpose.  We believe that connecting young people with adults who love the Lord, who care about them, and who have skills they can pass on, is one of the best ways to help them improve their own futures.  And we feel that sports is one of the best avenues to reaching these kids.


For two years, Project Living Hope helped run an athletic program for about 200 youth in two different communities.  The boys and girls in the program benefit from Christian mentorship and participated in tournaments, sports camps, outreach trips, and retreats.


Now, we are excited to have launched our own soccer program in the communities of Camp Marie and Montrouis. Our players receive quality sports training and Christian mentorship, participate in community service, and learn to be leaders. As a part of this program, we have organized a regional Christian youth soccer league for ages 15-21 which currently has 10 teams participating. On our trip in January, we were able to bring jerseys, goals, balls, and other equipment, outfitting the league for a strong beginning. Starting the regional youth league first is a strategic choice. The regional league will serve as a way to attract interest to our programs and help create initial relationships that will later lead into more local youth teams. Plans are in place to start a local league by March of 2019 for youth ages 8-17.


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Coaches Training

Another key aspect of our athletics program is coach training clinics. We have conducted two soccer clinics and one basketball clinic each training around 40 coaches from across Haiti. These coaches learn sport-specific techniques, coaching strategies, and servant leadership skills and then put them into practice during an afternoon kids sports camp. If you have skills or interest in sports, consider joining us on a mission experience trip!