Our dream at Project Living Hope is to create a community that is built on relationships and is full of opportunity.  


We believe Christ intended relationships to be the building blocks for change, ending hopelessness and providing greater opportunity for Haitians.  At Project Living Hope, we want to be known as an organization rooted in relationships. It is our hope that you too can build relationships with our community.




Project Living Hope also strives towards a community of opportunity by educating, encouraging and employing the local community. We do this through four key areas: JOB SKILL TRAINING, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, ATHLETICS, and DISASTER PREPAREDNESS. We believe that with programs in these four areas, we can bring about sustainable change that will build up Camp Marie and Haiti as a whole.


Haiti Job Skill Training

Teaching Haitians job skills that empower them to break free from the strain of poverty and the cycle of dependency and to become independent.

Haiti Community Development

Promoting community development by providing a space for classes, meetings, conferences, seminars, and sporting events.

Haiti Athletics, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
Haiti Disaster Preparedness

Training young athletes to overcome a lack of self worth that results from poverty through purposeful mentorship and leadership development.


Provide specialized training for Haitians to serve one another safely in times of disaster.