Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, 2016

Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, 2016

Disaster Preparedness

Haiti is very prone to natural disasters.  The island lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and is often subjected to severe storms.  Extensive deforestation leads to frequent, dangerous flooding. The Haitian government is in no way equipped to deal with natural disasters.  A huge number of non-governmental organizations work in Haiti, but they are almost completely managed by non-Haitians and most work independently from one another.  Project Living Hope wants to see systems in place before disasters happen and we want them to be managed by Haitian people. 


When a storm is approaching Haiti, people in the endangered areas often have no idea about it’s possible severity or, if they do, they have nowhere safe to go.  Project Living Hope will be building Haiti’s first large facility with emergency shelter possibilities in mind. We are located near the coast, so our area is prone to storms.

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Our property is right off the main highway between Haiti’s two largest cities, so it is easily accessible for those seeking refuge.


Until our disaster relief center is built, we will continue gathering together people stateside and in Haiti that are interested in helping us prepare for possible disasters in the community we serve. Do you have interest or experience in this area?  Contact us. We would love to connect with you!