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Lives of young people can be drastically changed for the good when they become involved in an excellent, Christ-centered sports program.


As they are trained, mentored, and challenged, they gain strength, confidence, determination, and purpose.  We believe that connecting young people with adults who love the Lord, who care about them, and who have skills they can pass on, is one of the best ways to help them improve their own futures.  And we feel that sports is one of the best avenues to reaching these kids.


In January of 2018, we started a weekend soccer program for youth in the towns of Camp Marie and Montrouis, Haiti. Our players receive quality sports training and Christian mentorship, participate in community service, and learn to be leaders. We currently have 250 players involved in these programs and five coaches on staff. Since then, PLH has launched a youth league and a national men's U23 league. Both leagues have had a great response from the teams, coaches, and communities, and we look forward to the many seasons to come.

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AGES 5-16

In April of 2019, we launched our youth league in Camp Marie. The players range from ages 5 to 16. The league has 40 teams and nearly 500 players from Camp Marie, Pierre Payen, Montrouis, and Saint Marc. This is the first youth soccer league of its kind in our region in Haiti! 



AGES 17-23 

In August of 2018, the national soccer league launched with six teams from around Haiti. This league is not just about the game of soccer; it is about creating a movement. Through this movement, we see communities coming together to support their youth, we see positive environments for play and growth, and we see youth being trained up as servant leaders. 



Project Living Hope asks for your support in sponsoring our youth soccer league. The cost of sponsorship is $450 for one year. Sponsorships can be from a corporation, business or individual. PLH is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so your generous support is tax deductible.

Your Gift of $450...

Will equip each player on the team with a team jersey, shorts, shin guards, socks and cleats. The team coach will have additional essentials such as cones, balls, and pinnies. All our coaches receive training on skills to be both a successful soccer coach and an influential mentor to cultivate players who will learn not only soccer but also servant leadership and community engagement. 

As a Sponsor...

  • We will provide you with a photo of your team.

  • Your business will be featured in our newsletter and on our social media pages.

  • Your business will be posted on the PLH website:

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Another key aspect of our athletics program is coach training clinics. We have conducted three soccer clinics and two basketball clinics each training around 40 coaches from across Haiti. These coaches learn sport-specific techniques, coaching strategies, and servant leadership skills and then put them into practice during an afternoon kids sports camp. If you have skills or interest in sports, consider joining us on a mission experience trip!