Empowering Haitians to Build a Stronger Haiti

…this is our goal


At Project Living Hope, we strive to work alongside the Haitian leaders and community. We want to foster relationships where we can listen to one another and share our ideas, goals, and dreams. We believe that Haitians have the capacity and potential to build up Haiti to be sustainable and strong. Therefore, our methods focus on empowering nationals rather than doing the work ourselves.


In Camp Marie, we have held multiple public meetings where the community is invited to hear our plans as well as give their input and share their own ideas. We want the community to know that they have a place in Project Living Hope and a role in the work. We have been thrilled with the turn out at these events and the engagement that we have received from the mayor, the local pastor, and the entire community. This community participation empowers them to assess their needs and ensures that we are addressing those needs and bringing programs and strategies that they value. In this partnership, we bring our own expertise and listen to theirs. At Project Living Hope, we understand the difficulties and limitations of Haiti and we continue to educate ourselves as we partner with local leaders.



Project Living Hope aspires to self-sufficiency for our organization and for the people of our community. This will take time and strategic planning, but we believe it is crucial.


We combat poverty by empowering individuals who can then support and lead strong, self-sustaining families who no longer look to outsiders to meet their basic needs. This self-sufficiency, relient only on God, gives them a sense of pride and dignity that no free handout could provide.


Let’s work together to build a stronger Haiti.