by Amy Bentz


Our Eugene, Oregon fundraiser on

December 1st, 2018 raised almost $14,000!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our fundraiser on Saturday! You are such an important part of Project Living Hope.  Your generosity is helping to expand the ministry and further the mission to Empower Haitians to Build a Stronger Haiti.

This fundraiser would not be possible without the work of our dedicated table sponsors and volunteers. Because of their invaluable contribution, we're eager to say a big "Thank you!" 

Table Sponsors:

Nick & Anita Nott

Don Kimball                      

Ron & Fawn Randall            

Tonya Johnson

Jonathan & Brooke Nott        

Andy & Debbie Vobora         

Sam & Rachel Busskohl     

Highland Tree Service - Ben Macauley 

Sylvia Stock & Bill Kisselburgh given in loving memory of Dorothy Kimball


Julie Dedman

Dessieux family of 7

Karen Duncan

Tammy Henderson

Jake Henderson

Tonya Johnson

Heather Kimball

Robyn Kimball

Annika Kimball

Jenna Kimball

Ben Macauley

Jacob Macauley

Anita Nott

Nick Nott

Rachel Busskohl

Bonnie Taylor

Shawn Taylor

Annabelle Taylor


Edith Bowlby

Julie Dedman

Kyda Dodson

Tonya Johnson

Jan Jones

Rachel Busskohl

Anita Nott

Sue Renic