Turmoil in Haiti - A Call to Pray

By: Guesly Dessieux
Executive Director and Founder 


My family and I were supposed to fly to Haiti on September 23, 2019 but our trip has been postponed due to the turmoil in Haiti. Over the last two weeks anti-government demonstrations demanding the resignation of the Haitian president have escalated. On Friday, protesters throughout the country burned tires, erected barricades, and set businesses on fire. This is the second time this year that fuel shortages have paralyzed the country forcing schools and businesses to close and hospitals to barely function. The humanitarian situation is dire and not having fuel leaves Haitian families without access to water, food, power, transportation, and more. In an article I read the interviewee best explained the protest this way, “My kids are hungry. I have no food. I have no job. We have to do something to get the government's attention.”

A few years ago I told a group of students I was taking to Haiti that it is paralyzing when you have nothing and everything is taken away from you. This has happened to the Haitian people over and over again.    

As an organization our mission statement is Empowering Haitians To Build a Stronger Haiti. We believe that if Haitians are empowered they can use their own God-given abilities to provide for their families and change their community. At Project Living Hope, we have hope for Haiti and its people.We have hope that Haiti can change and move forward.

Right now though Haiti is in a very dark place.  Lives are endangered and it’s hard to imagine a quick resolution.  So we need to pray. Please join us in praying for solutions and for peace in Haiti.